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Updated: Jul 3, 2018

I belong to a local writers group who recently published a short story collection, Kiss or Kill Under the Northern Lights: Volume One. It is a collection of spicy short stories that can be read in one sitting. If you’re unsure what “spicy” means on the heat level scale I’m right along with you, but that’s for another blog post entirely ;) According to the guidelines our group set for Volume One, sex, if any, is behind closed doors and offensive language is kept to a minimum. Kiss or Kill Under the Northern Lights: Volume One contains eight stories from authors at all stages of their writing careers from those who have written many books to authors whose first story was published in this volume.

The mission of our writing group is to help writers on the road to publication (traditional or indie publishing). This short story collection did just that for our newly published authors, Laura Ashwood and Angie Speed.

Laura Ashwood’s story, “Second Chances” is a charming story of Lindsey and Ryan coming together for a second chance at love. Lindsey has always had a crush on her brother’s best friend, but after embarrassing herself by trying to make a move on Ryan, when she was sixteen, she wanted nothing to do with Ryan Ford. Years later, both needing an escape, end up together in Lindsey’s family’s cabin in northern Minnesota during a blizzard. A HFN (happy for now) ending leaves the reader wanting more. Check out Laura’s website: lauraashwood.com.

Angie Speed’s, “How to Catch a Tomcat in 7 Days” is a fun friend to lovers story. Megan has wanted a relationship with her best friend TJ for some time but her time is running out; she needs to find out if a relationship with TJ is possible or if she should take a job elsewhere. Megan sets out to pursue TJ who is oblivious to her seduction. Each chapter is titled after the seven ways she intends to catch TJ (her Tomcat). This is a fun story you’ll definitely want to read! Check out Angie’s website: angiespeed.com.

Click to purchase Kiss or Kill Under the Northern Lights: Volume One here. When you finish, please take a few minutes to leave a review. Authors depend more than ever on reviews to get their books noticed.


Volume 2 of Kiss or Kill Under the Northern Lights will be available for pre-order at the end of August and is considered a sweet romance. I will let you know when Volume 2 is available because I will make my debut as a published author with my story “Reach for the Stars.”

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